Executive Team

Larry Hayes

Interim Secretary, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
Responsible for the Commonwealth’s overall economic development growth as well as all corporate recruitment and retention efforts.

Sean Muldoon

Interim Executive Director, Office of Marketing and Public Affairs
Oversees creation and implementation of all marketing and communications strategies to tell Kentucky’s story globally in ways that attract new jobs and investment, retain existing companies and help communities across the Commonwealth best prepare for development.

Erran Persley

Commissioner, Department for Business Development
Oversees programs and initiatives designed to support and grow new domestic and international investment, job creation and retention across the state.

Kristina Slattery

Executive Director, Office of Business and Community Services
Responsible for providing business services to companies and communities, including talent and workforce attraction, community preparedness and other existing industry needs. Also responsible for providing direction and oversight of the Cabinet’s Research function.

Katie Smith

Commissioner, Department for Financial Services
Provides Cabinet-wide services in areas of accounting, budgetary and fiscal affairs, incentive program administration, compliance, personnel and administrative functions.