Community Assistance

Successful economic development requires each community to have an active and effective development agency. The Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development partners with several organizations to assist communities in the design and improvement of local economic development strategy.

Community Action Plans - The Community Action Plan program is designed to help the local development agency create a concise, focused plan of work. Within a facilitated 8-hour program, local decision-makers review past successes, assess local opportunities and challenges, and plan for the future. The outcome of the Action Plan program is a specific work agenda for the local agency, including specific action items, distinct tasks, and timelines for their completion.

Community Assessment Visits – Sponsored by the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED),a statewide professional organization of business and local development leaders, the Cabinet participates in a two-day assessment of local resources for sound economic development. Activities include interviews with local leaders, facilitated discussions with community groups, and tours of community assets. The outcome is a written report that includes specific recommendations for community improvement.

Business Retention and Expansion Program - The Cabinet partners with community leaders and Kentucky State University to conduct a survey of targeted local businesses. This program measures community strengths and weaknesses for economic growth. Each local program includes a detailed report prepared by the university partner. This 16-week program requires significant local involvement in business interviews, follow-up on current business issues, and development of the final report.

Economic Development Practices Workshops - The Cabinet partners with the Kentucky Association for Economic Development (KAED) to provide periodic workshops on basic economic development processes and practices. Sessions are held at various locations throughout the state and are listed on the association Web site at

For more information on these community programs, please contact Janet Williamson in the Department for Existing Business Development at or by phone at 800-626-2930 or 502-564-7140.