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Instructions for Searching Kentucky Business & Industry Location/Expansion Announcements
Last Revised: 5/2/2016

This search provides an easy means of finding information on new and/or expanding industry announcements in Kentucky. The database contains information on manufacturing facilities and service & technology type firms (headquarters, back-office operations, distribution centers, call/data centers, etc.) in Kentucky, normally with 10 or more full-time employees.

Use this form to specify the criteria for the announcements you want to view and then click the Display Report button.

A new browser window will open and after a few moments the content of the Announced/Reported Facility Locations/Expansions Report will be displayed. (If the report criteria is not adequately specified, applicable messages will be displayed on the Search form. Modify the criteria and try to display the report again.) The report date, time, and search criteria you selected will be displayed at the top of the page. A summary of the results will be shown directly above the list of announcements. You can sort the announcement list by clicking on a column heading. If you choose to print the Results, set the paper orientation to landscape for best results.

If you wish to revise your search, the Search Specification Form will retain the criteria you previously specified. You can edit the criteria or clear the entire page and re-select as desired.